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Born in Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, ​​​​1980. Once I finished my primary and secondary studies with good grades, I joined Industrial Engineering in Elisava, BCN. It was there that I realized that what I really liked was Arts and Graphic Design.

While I was studying, I started working as a Junior Designer in a company, and I decided that I would learn to develop professionally in that area, and if I liked it, I would study for a degree. Said and done. I changed to graduate in Art and Design at Escola Massana, graphic specialty.

In the period between Elisava and Massana I joined IDEP, a 3D modeling and animation school, while waiting for the next season to arrive. I studied 3D Modeling and Animation with Alias ​​Wavefront Maya software. Once that stage was finished, I joined the Degree at the Escola Massana de Arte y Diseño in Barcelona, ​​​​where I specialized in Graphic Design, being my final project based on Character Licenses and licensed products.

While this was happening, I had time to work part-time in several companies, always related to the world of Graphic Design, Multimedia, 3D and Editorial. What interested me the most was always graphic design itself. Professionally I felt comfortable working in the Toy industry, and in the licensed Gift market. I worked for Disney, Mattel and other brig brands, applying style guides to licensed products. Basically, things for children, which gave me the space to show my creativity off. 

In 2017 I moved to Hong Kong, in order to take a new step forward in my professional development, this time more related to creative team management, as well as the joint work with factories in mainland China. It was a return to a time that was more technical than artistic, and Project Management began to occupy a large part of my working hours. I worked for companies in the Gift and Toy industry during that period of time, first in Design tasks, and later in the Product Development department, becoming Product Development Manager, hiring and leading a multidisciplinar team.

In 2020 I returned to Barcelona and started working for another big name in the toy industry, first in the R&D Department and more recently as a Process Engineer, performing tasks related to production, cost optimization, supply and supplier relationship management. Basically the task is to make the products viable in cost, form and time, and above all profitable for the company.

In 2021 I complemented my training by adding a layer of Strategic Product Marketing, with a 9 out of 10 in the final grade, which gives me knowledge about the markets and also about the contribution to added value, and allows me to develop personal projects related to the development and online sale of products. Then, I left the big company and joined a startup with the mission of reducing plastic in the world by offering people the chance of not buying that material. Seen in perspective, my career went from selling plastic commodities to try not to use plastics in any way, and joining a company aligned with that great mission. I’m the responsible of Product development and Quality there.

Then in 2023 I decided to move again, this time to Andorra, to be closer to nature. I keep my job in that startup, and there’s where I live now. I retook my passion, Multidisciplinar Graphic Design as my side project; and i’m now giving my services and experience in Graphic Design for branding, specially focused on having marketing agencies as customers. My experience in managing projects, meeting deadlines and keeping customers happy makes this kenobedesign project more than a second job to me, a life style. 

My career currently offers me multiple paths of professional development, which I try to walk every day. I am open to offering occasional collaborations, consultancy in design, costs and product development, as well as in Process Engineering. I know how it has to look, who are the best professionals to get the job done, and the costs implied in every process. If you’re interested in an experienced professional to manage your brand and the look of your communications and products, just give me a shout!

Background Académico

T. Engineering, Industrial Design
1999 – 2003

Maya Modelling / Animation
2002 – 2004

Degree in Arts and Design

Pos. Strategic Marketing, Product



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Hay profesionales con un perfil marcadamente técnico, y los hay con habilidades consideradas más artísticas o creativas.

Combino ambos perfiles debido a mi trayectoria académica en Ingeniería Industrial y Diseño Gráfico, lo complemento con una alta capacidad comercial y de negociación que me vino de serie, y le he añadido conocimientos de mercado gracias a mis estudios en Márketing Estratégico de Producto. Por último, la gestión como punto fuerte; tanto de proyectos como de equipos.

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